10 Toys You Loved As A Kid But Then Completely Forgot Existed



10 Toys You Loved As A Kid But Then Completely Forgot Existed


The best thing about being a kid is that you have roughly zero responsibilities. Sure, you need to go to school, but honestly that’s pretty simple.

The only thing that we really cared about was playing with our toys. You might think that because our only concern was those wonderful toys, that we would remember them all, but that’s where you’re wrong.



Who’s ready to revisit all those childhood toys they forgot?


1. Weebles



“Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!” Does it suddenly ring a bell? These little round-bottomed toys were adorable little buddies that would perfectly sit into the Weebles play sets that we all had.


2. Fashion Plates



We may not have been able to decide on which clothes our moms would buy for us, but we could design our own clothes using fashion plates. Mix and match all the plates to create your perfect outfit, and dream of the day when you would have a reason to wear it.


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3. Pet Rocks



The genius inventor of this toy managed to create the perfect obsession for kids. They felt like they had a pet, but they didn’t have to worry about feeding it or taking it for walks.

It’s literally just a rock though, that’s the thing. There’s nothing super special about it, but for some reason it was a huge hit!


4. Raggedy Ann & Andy



There is something so sweet about these little dolls. They lasted for generations and while they had a few changes over the years, they always kept their iconic look in some way.


5. Jacks


Jacks has had a lot of names over the years, and a lot of different rules, but no matter how you played it or what you called it, it was strangely addictive.

How have you been doing so far? Remember them all? There’s still more to come…

6. Monchichi



We all seemed to have at least one Monchichi in our homes, but no matter how many you had, these little things were everywhere.

They were kind of like Beanie Babies but long before those became popular.

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7. Gobots



Sometimes you needed to diversify your transforming robot collection. You can’t just have Transformers, you need some variety! Gobots were made by Tonka


8. Holly Hobbie



If you weren’t a fan of Raggedy Ann, then you were probably a Holly Hobbie fan. They were a cute little rag doll without the big red nose, so a lot of kids really liked them.


9. Magna Doodle



I know kids these days are happy playing with their iPads, but back when we were young, we had these and that was it. There was no saving your artwork, you’d just erase it and start again



10. Lincoln Log



Building up a house of Lincoln Logs was so satisfying when it worked. They were like classier Lego and you could create your own cool log cabins!


How many of these toys did you play with when you were a kid? Had you forgotten about them?

But those aren’t the only toys we’ve forgotten… Tell Us If you Remember MORE…