What’s Actually Inside A Rubber Duck Will Really Creep You Out



What’s Actually Inside A Rubber Duck Will Really Creep You Out


Out of all the toys that could pose a danger to our health and our children’s health, you probably wouldn’t expect seemingly harmless rubber duckies to make the list. After all, they aren’t a choking hazard, nor do they have any sharp parts.


They’ve been a huge source of bathtime fun for children for decades, but that doesn’t exactly mean they’re squeaky clean, as a recent study has revealed.



“Scientists checked out the murky liquid that’s released when the toys are squeezed and found that four out of the five [rubber ducks] contain potentially pathogenic bacteria,” Inside Edition reported.


The researchers found that when left in humid, warm and wet bathrooms, plastic toys that squirt water are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, some of which can pose a serious risk to kids’ health.



In fact, the bacteria they found could even send a person to the hospital. It isn’t all that surprising when you consider the toys were also exposed to sweat and urine over 11 days. Yuck!


So what kinds of bacteria potentially live in your child’s rubber duckie? Find out by watching the video below, and check out the nasty surprise scientists found inside when they cut open the toys.




I’ll never look at these bright, fun toys the same again. Whether these bacteria help the immune system or not, one thing’s for sure — they’re disgusting!

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