A BANANA PHONE?! – What the Fruit?



You Cannot Beleive A BANANA PHONE?! – What the Fruit?

Current Banana phone pricing: https://amzn.to/2EaqUxd
If you have NOT tried fried Plantains (You are missing out!) Give this recipe a shot. Remember, these are PLANTAINS not Bananas, they are just related, and look the same, but taste different.


A BANANA PHONE?! – What the Fruit?


1) have adult supervision
2) even if you are an adult
3) Preheat oil in a large deep skillet over medium high heat
4) Peel the Plantains and cut them in half, and then slice again lengthwise into thin pieces.
5) Fry the pieces until brown and tender.
6) Drain the excess oil onto paper towels.
7) Enjoy!
8) Might want to wait for them to cool down first actually.



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