A Japanese Take on American Sushi



Jun Yoshizuki of Jun’s room whom we all know to be a proficient culinarian quite skilfully ready American-style dish rolls by hand underneath the watchful eyes of his 2 beloved longhaired orange and white cats Haku and conifer, Jun explained that the distinction between ancient Japanese dish rolls and its Yankee first cousin needs to do with the quantity of flavorer place within the roll itself.


Cat Watching Sushi Rolls


Japanese dish focuses on “enjoying the pure flavor of ingredients that are in season (because that’s once the ingredients are in their best condition)” and Yankee dish appears to target “the combination of flavor.” Japanese dish finishes with a bit little bit of condiment, therefore, you’ll fancy however it brings out all the nice flavors of ingredients, whereas Yankee dish is terribly tasty and tasteful while not exploitation any condiment (instead exploitation bunch of different sauces and spices and every one variety of toppings). I miss Yankee dish once I’m in Japan and that I miss Japanese dish once I’m in America!


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