5 benefits of saffron for the eye Learn about it


Benefits of saffron for the eye

Saffron has many benefits, including:
Improves sensitivity to light and vision.

1- Saffron contributes to improving visual acuity, especially in people with macular degeneration of the eye, which may affect people over the age of 50.

Studies have shown an improvement in vision for macular degeneration patients by seeing two additional lines of the eye, And increased visual acuity – distance vision – by 14% better.

2- Minimizing symptoms of blindness: Saffron contains carotenoids extracted in the form of alpha-carotene, as well as other nutrients,

which help protect the retina structures to protect eyesight before symptoms of loss of sight.

3- Preserving the components of the eye: Saffron contains many vitamins such as Vitamin A and B, and also contains vitamin C and (E), zinc, copper,

and resveratrol also found in the skin of red grapes, and keep those components on the health Components of the eye.

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4- Reducing the risk of oxidative stress to the eye: Dietary supplements rich in antioxidants and natural carotenoids in saffron may help reduce the risk of cell damage from oxidative stress and improve eye health problems associated with age.

5- Night blindness: The saffron-based flavonoid helps the night vision, which enhances the function of light-sensitive rhodopsin, which in turn allows you to see if there is a dim light
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