Controlling Girlfriend Who Starved And Stabbed Her Boyfriend



Controlling Girlfriend Who Starved And Stabbed Her Boyfriend Is Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison

If you were to consult social media or the urban dictionary, you’d be inclined to think that it was appropriate to laugh at the idea of a ‘controlling girlfriend’. After all, what could be more amusing than the idea of a girl being capable of overpowering her partner? What a ludicrous idea!

Jealous, controlling and downright stalker-ish girlfriends are all too familiar to those of us who use the internet on a daily basis. They are portrayed in everything from popular memes to YouTube videos to viral tweets, where they brandish sharp objects and lose their temper over their partner’s Instagram activity for comedic effect. But in reality, a controlling girlfriend is no joke.

Is there anything funny about the fact that one in six men are victims of domestic abuse? Can you honestly laugh at the fact that roughly 30 men per year are murdered by their abusive partner? Shockingly, that figure doesn’t even factor in the men who, so embarrassed by their situation and socially stigmatized to stay quiet, see no other solution but to take their own life.

Sadly, as with most cases of domestic abuse, the truth is not revealed until the situation escalates and the police are called.

That was exactly what happened in the case of Jordan Worth, who repeatedly abused her boyfriend over the course of several years.

The 22-year-old from Bedfordshire, England, began dating her boyfriend, who remains anonymous, in 2012. The pair met at college when they were 16-years-old and their relationship quickly intensified.

But it wasn’t until the young couple moved in together that the true troubles began. According to prosecutor Maryam Syed, it was at this moment that Worth began to exercise control over her boyfriend who suffered from hydrocephalus, a condition caused by excess fluid build-up in the head, making him vulnerable.

The court heard how Worth would repeatedly beat her boyfriend, wounding him with a knife and refusing to help him seek medical attention.

For nine months she refused to allow him into their bed, instead she banished him from the bedroom and failed to provide him with adequate bedding and food.

She isolated her boyfriend from his friends and family, giving him no chance to alert attention to his predicament. Not only that but the aspiring teacher would also pick what he was allowed to wear and starved him regularly.

Her boyfriend wouldn’t be rescued until June 2017 when neighbors called the police after they grew concerned upon hearing his shouts and screams. The neighbors had often heard the couple argue and the sounds of things being thrown within the home, but this time they were alarmed to hear Worth’s boyfriend crying out: “Get off me, you are hurting me.”


Another neighbor, who often saw Worth’s boyfriend out and about with a black eye, reportedly heard him cry out: “Get off me. Get off my head. Don’t keep doing that to my head.” The same neighbor saw burn marks on the victim’s arms, but when she asked him the cause, he claimed them to be self-inflicted.

When an ambulance crew arrived at the scene they found the victim with several burn marks on his arms and legs, which he’d self-treated with cling film.

Doctors have stated that the second and third-degree burns, caused by Worth pouring boiling water over her partner, will likely leave permanent scars on the victim.

In court, Worth was sentenced to seven and a half years for her shocking behavior after she pled guilty to the charges being held against her. A restraining order was also placed against Worth, preventing her from contacting her ex-boyfriend in the future.

So next time you find yourself laughing at a meme making fun of men who are belittled by women, think back to this case and remember that there isn’t anything funny about domestic abuse no matter who the victim.