Inside the world of technology there is a legend and beyond there is a fugitive of justice John Macafee


Inside the world of technology, there is a legend and beyond there is a fugitive of justice

“Beware the program has expired”
This was the famous message for the McAfee virus program, But do you know its fugitive owner of justice?

Who is John McAfee?

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American computer programmer born in Britain in 1940
Graduated from Ronk College, Virginia, 1967
He distributed newspapers to houses before working in programming

At the start of his work at a coding company in the late 1960s, he was selling a drug called Dimethyl
He moved to Silicon Valley and worked in the programming technology companies in 1970.

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He also worked for NASA as a software designer and through his work at LockHead, the owners of his computer virus began time to develop anti-virus programs and from here began the establishment of the giant anti-virus McAfee In the late 1980s

After a while, he decided to sell his share of the company for $ 100 million to Intel
After a time when John McAfee’s life became too complicated, he fled to Guatemala illegally after being accused of killing his neighbor in 2012.

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But the Guatemalan authorities arrested him and deported him to America and then he was released

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In 2013, he appeared in a video titled How to Cancel McAfee’s Drug and Carrying Program
He was then arrested for drug abuse and carrying weapons without a license

In 2015 he returned to the scene again, but with the electronic party that he founded to run for president and now works McAfee in the field of electronic encryption of electronic currency such as Betcoin

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