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Kennel Cough in Dogs – Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Can Kennel Cough Be Prevented?

A vaccine is obtainable for the bordetella microorganism, that is that the commonest agent to cause kennel cough.

Dogs who are ofttimes boarded, visit bow-wow daycare, contend in canine sports, or otherwise are exposed to giant teams of dogs could take pleasure in the vaccinum, and plenty of coaching, boarding, and childcare facilities need proof of vaccination.

The vaccine is obtainable in oral, intranasal, and injectable forms, and looking on the shape, it’s typically at the start given in 2 doses 2 to four weeks apart, followed by a booster each six months to a year.

Although most cases of kennel cough are caused by Bordetella, some square measure caused by different agents,

together with the bacteria Bordetella bronchiseptica, canine adenovirus kind two, canine adenovirus, canine metabolism coronavirus, and mycoplasmas, that the vaccinum might not forestall your dog from catching the unwellness.

If you notice your pet coughing or if you intend to introduce your dog to giant teams of animals, speak along with your veterinary.

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