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Most common food allergies in dogs New 2019

While it’s become common to observe out for the signs of dangerous food allergies in young kids, it still comes as a surprise to some dog folks that their four-legged companions also can suffer from food allergies.

Just like in humans, a food allergy happens once a dog’s system erroneously believes a particular food is harmful. The dog’s system responds with antibodies, that triggers a series of dangerous symptoms.

Many seemingly random symptoms can be signs of a food allergy in a dog. These include:

Chronic ear inflammation
Paw biting
Poor coat quality
Obsessive licking

Other symptoms more closely mimic symptoms seen in humans with food allergies, such as:

Skin rash
Chronic diarrhea
Itchy rear end
Chronic gas

If you notice any of those symptoms in your dog, it’s extraordinarily necessary to own them tried by a vet to work out if the symptoms are so signs of a food allergy.

The additional the dog is exposed to the substance, the additional severe the reaction can become. even though your dog is barely irritated by the symptoms at the start, they might be severe subsequent time they eat the matter food.

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