Teen Gets Turned Down At Prom


Teen Gets Turned Down At Prom, Then Hears A Famous Voice Over Loudspeaker And Freaks Out


Katie Kelzenberg, a senior at the Stillwater high school in an American state, fully loves Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. a large fan of the scrapper, Kelzenberg has memorized the lines to most of his movies. She adores the guy such a lot, in fact, that she mustered up the courageousness to raise the list champion to her senior promenade on Twitter.


Unsurprisingly, Kelzenberg didn’t hear back from Johnson — that’s, till at some point, once she was sitting in school. The regular afternoon announcements began to play over the loudspeakers, however, she detected the standard announcer had been replaced by an awfully acquainted voice.

“Good morning to the Stillwater space high school students, this, as you would possibly have guessed, is Dwayne Johnson, additionally referred to as The Rock …”

As it seems, Johnson had reached bent the Stillwater High administration and in secret recorded the daily announcements. He let Kelzenberg recognize he couldn’t attend promenade as a result of programming conflicts, however supplemental that he had a special surprise for her…

“Katie, I’m certain you’re soooooo embarrassed straight away, however, I simply had to allow you to knowledge cool and awing you’re for inviting American state to your promenade,” he said.

“Because we tend to square measure currently best friends, and that I have such a lot love for you as a result of you’re therefore awing, I even have a special gift. I’ve rented out a theater tomorrow, the gift is that this, grab all of your favorite friends and nearest relations and whoever you would like to bring, as a result of tomorrow I’m showing you a screening of my new motion-picture show, ‘Rampage’ … and every one the popcorn and candy and soda you’ll be able to drink, cause it’s all on American state.”

He even announces a message regarding Kelzenberg on his Instagram account:

Watch as Kelzenberg gets one of the biggest (and best) surprises of her life in the video below.