The Greatest Showman’ Honest Trailer: P.T. Barnum Was Actually a Huge Jerk



‘The Greatest Showman’ Honest Trailer: P.T. Barnum Was Actually a Huge Jerk


Though the best promoter didn’t have a large gap weekend or break any major box workplace records, you may be stunned to be told that the film raked in nearly $173 million at the domestic box workplace, golf stroke it within the lower finish of the highest twenty highest performing arts movies of 2017. On high of that it raked in another $247.3 million internationally. however Honest Trailers doesn’t care regarding all that.


Now that the best promoter is on the market on home video, it’s time to actually penetrate this circus musical for what it is: a fictional celebration of a person United Nations agency was a complete prick United Nations agency in hand a slave, abused animals, and exploited folks for his own gain. Yes, this can be the hero of this moving-picture show that folks unbroken coming to theaters to examine most that it even had a sing-a-long version free in theaters.

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Not solely will Honest Trailers signifies what quantity of AN asshole the important P.T. Barnum was, however they are doing it to the tune of the foremost catchy songs from the audio recording. It’s not solely funny, however it paints a way a lot of correct image than the one this musical puts forth.


Of course biopics area unit meant to be the foremost correct portrayal of history, however this one actually still tries to color Barnum in an exceedingly favorable lightweight. Besides that, my biggest drawback is that the moving-picture show will ne’er very decide if it desires to be a musical within the same vein as Chicago or one thing slightly a lot of trendy and fantastical like Moulin Rouge.