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This Blanket Uses Gravity To Help You Relax And Fall Asleep

This Blanket Uses Gravity To Help You Relax And Fall Asleep

If you’re at risk of bouts of hysteria (like yours truly), the sleep disorder is simply one amongst several symptoms you’ll struggle with, and positively one amongst the worst. I do know from (lots and lots) of expertise that not sleeping simply makes the anxiety worse.

You’re stressed, thus you can’t sleep, then you can’t sleep, thus you’re stressed.

Stressing regarding not sleeping is completely my favorite issue to suppose at four a.m.

But we tend to aren’t alone, my anxious friends.

According to the Sleep Management Institute, we’re some of nearly thirty to fifty p.c of individuals plagued by a sleep disorder.

Woman lying in bed sleepless

While there are multiple reasons individuals can’t sleep, the U.S. National Library of medication National Institutes of Health says regarding twenty-four to thirty-six p.c of insomnia-sufferers probably have associate degree psychological disorder.

If you’ve tried relaxation tips and numeration sheep (yup, me too), however, nothing appears to assist, maybe it’s time to let science figure this out for the North American nation.

Enter: the Gravity Blanket, a therapeutic weighted comforter designed to cut back stress and increase relaxation through the ability of deep bit stimulation — a verified anxiety treatment, per the Gravity Blanket manufacturers.

Here’s however it works: The blanket gently distributes deep pressure across your body, serving to relax the system by simulating the sensation of being control or hugged.


This sensation will increase monoamine neurotransmitter and hormone levels (the hormones that assist you to sleep) and reduces levels of Hydrocortone (the stress hormone).

“Weighted blankets are accepted among the health profession, wherever they’ve been used as a natural stress reliever for many years,” the Gravity Blanket’s Kickstarter page reads. “However, society at massive hasn’t had access to them. thereto finish, we tend to ar operating to place it in a very type that’s accessible to everybody.”


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