Yubon This drink is an alternative to coffee and tea

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Yubon This drink is an alternative to coffee and tea
Yubon This drink is an alternative to coffee and tea

Yubon This drink is an alternative to coffee and tea, with amazing benefits. It grows in the southeastern United States an evergreen native plant called the” yubon” which is also known as the “Cassina”, or the” Christmas berry”

Native American people used to roast leaves and Yubon bushes as popular herbal tea, especially since Yubon was the only known plant in North America that naturally contains caffeine.

According to “Care2,” Yubon Tea is now re-emerging, and there may be good reasons to try a Yubun drink instead of the usual tea or coffee.

The beloved tree Centuries ago, yubon was a valuable commodity. Native American merchants shipped their dried leaves from the southeast states all the way to Cahokia, an ancient city near Missouri’s modern St. Louis, on a journey hundreds of kilometers away.

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Indigenous people also used the yubon tea, known as the “black drink,” as a daily drink, and Yubon offered the guests a gest In his observations of his travels in North Carolina in 775, the naturalist William Bertram stated that the Cherokee tribes used to call Ubobon the name “beloved tree”.

The first settlers exported the Yubon to Europe until Asian tea surpassed it and became the most popular of friendship and hospitality. The advantages of Yubon Research has shown that it contains caffeine as well as theobromine, a compound that gives chocolate its distinctive bitter taste.

It is also known that theobromine enhances mood and gives a feeling of happiness. The yubon contains less caffeine than regular tea or coffee but contains more theobromine. This is said to give you a “drink” similar to tea and coffee, without feeling the tension that can be caused by tea and coffee.

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The yubon also contains tannins, compounds that give the mouth a feeling of dehydration after drinking tea or coffee. It is also rich in antioxidants, which fight inflammation and help prevent relapsing diseases.

An alternative to coffee and tea Despite the popularity of modern tea and coffee, these crops can have a dark side. In many parts of the world, farmers may not receive adequate wages, have to endure poor working conditions, and forests are destroyed to allow large coffee and tea plantations to threaten local ecosystems, as well as excessive use of harmful chemical fertilizers And pesticides.

Thus, the use of the yubon can be an alternative, a healthy choice in addition to being a positive step for environmental protection.

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